Born and raised in Tasmania, Australia Adrian lived and worked for 16 years or so in Hong Kong, though since the beginning of 2017 he have been based in BRISBANE, Queensland Australia.

A professional photographer for the last 13 years Adrian has a wealth of experience that he can utilise to make your event a success. 

He also has a degree in Film and Television from Curtin University (Western Australia).  See more video work here: www.aidavmedia.com

About my style

I shoot with a photojournalistic style.  I intend to blend in, appearing like I am another guest.  I attempt not to interfere with your event or get in the way.  This way I can capture the essence of the event, so people viewing the images later get a feeling of being there. If you want natural-looking, candid photos that capture the expressions and emotions of your guest, I’m the photographer for you.

Of course, I will also take posed photos as requested during the event (got to have those).

You won't even notice I'm there.


Photoshop… I see it as an artists tool

I am not a purist that says photoshop is cheating.  If an image requires it, I use it like an artist uses a paintbrush to bring more out of the image (not destroy the realism or add mindless filters).  My aim is to produce work that is beautiful and realistic.

Below is an extreme example of what I can do with photoshop.  My aim was not to make the image something it was not but to improve and increase its realism.

I edited this for a customer who loved the shot but not how it looked.
I edited this for a customer who loved the shot but not how it looked.

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