Adobe shake reduction. It’s not that bad.

When I first tried Adobe’s “Shake reduction” I was underwhelmed. It just didn’t look that great… the fact remains, it isn’t that great for high level work.  BUT it can make a crappy shot adequate. Which is better than nothing.


Here’s an example.


My friend asked me to sharpen this picture of his grandkid. It’s obviously not very good, but the moment/smile is endearing and important to my friend:


Camera shake…maybe shot in a car? But it’s meaningful.


So I open up Photoshop and apply the Shake reduction filter. Then (as I usually do) a High Pass sharpening filter (I might do a blog post on that later).


Here’s the result:


Let’s face it, it’s not that great still, but at least it looks better.


It looks artificial, but hey, it’s also “sharp” so it does it’s job.


So yeh, it’s alright sometimes.  If I wanted to make it super great I’d probably tone it down somewhat and only apply it to certain areas, but for the purposes of this it’s alright.


Here’s a side by side for your viewing delight:


Better, just don’t look too closely and you’ll be alright. 😉


So yeh, it’s ok.  Well done Adobe for making something kinda useful.


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