First (Proper) Event with Fuji

I shot the Easter Service at my church a couple of Sundays ago. First time shooting an event with my Fuji System.

I moved from Hong Kong back to Australia (Brisbane to be precise) about 5 years ago.

Back in Hong Kong I did a lot of photography (I’d carry my camera around everywhere) and was regularly doing professional work, especially events. I would do an event every month or so, mostly shooting with Canon gear.

Now I’m back! A couple of weeks ago I shot my first gig ever with purely Fuji gear.

My main weapon of choice for events: Fuji 50-140 2.8

I shot with my Thinktank belt system which I used when I used to shoot Canon. Back in my Canon days, I’d shoot with a Cotton Carrier vest on and the same belt system. I also had to shoot with a wrist guard thing on, because at the end of the day my wrist would be dying from the heavy camera system. The shots looked great, but at the cost of my body slowly being destroyed inevitably leading to an early grave and no one to edit my photos (I’m been meaning to get to them, I swear).

Back around 2015, the heavy Canon 1Dx (and 1DsIII) I used to shoot with made me need a lot of support.
I still wear flat caps to every event, don’t worry about that!

Back in the olden days, I’d shoot with a Canon 1Dx and 1DsIII. I’d also shoot with the trusty 70-200 2.8L II and the 24-70 2.8L II. Both very nice lenses and cameras. However, I switched to Fuji because the weight difference was a lot, the lenses were pretty much as good and the DOF difference for events wasn’t worth the weight. PLUS Fuji colour is superior IMHO.



Then Now Comments
Canon 1Dx Fuji XT2 1Dx battery life is way better, AF is quicker, the weight though…
The Fuji is easier/more fun to use, has very good AF, weighs a lot less, better colour
70-200 2.8 50-140 2.8 Honestly, they’re pretty much the same in quality. Maybe the Canon is slightly more robust, but the images are excellent from both.
24-70 2.8 16-55 2.8 Again, both are quite similar. IQ is about the same (the edge goes to the Canon).
24 1.4 35 1.4 (Sigma Art) The Sigma art (which I still own along with my 1DsIII) is my favourite Prime ever. The bokeh and sharpness are amazing. The Fuji is also very good and I like using it too.
Xpro2 1DsIII 2nd camera. I think the Xpro2 is the more snappy of the two. The 1DsIII does AMAZING portraits though, which is why I’m holding onto it. It’s old tech though, so it’s not as good in the fast-paced world of event photography.
The XT2 worked well in these conditions. I still have to try it in a low lit party.

So, how did my first gig go?

The Autofocus did quite well overall. Of about 500 photos I took at the event, I got 450ish that I handed onto the client. I am quite fussy when it comes to focus and motion blur, so unless it’s an unrepeatable moment. I will delete anything I deem imperfect. If it’s a great moment, but technically imperfect I sometimes convert it to black and white, which makes the blur into art. 😉

An example of a reject (the photo, not the dude) is below:

Example of a rejected image. The focus was slightly off (or I may have moved the camera slightly)

One thing though, this event was stage lit. That can be quite a bit different to a dingy bar or someone’s 21st birthday where you swear they’re allergic to light. So it remains to be seen how the focus goes in such circumstances. Even the 1Dx would struggle in those conditions and often I’d use the flash to help get focus (the flash would send out some sort of red grid that would allow the camera to focus).



I was quite happy with my first gig for a while. I’m slowly getting back into things after some time off. I hope to do more and more events in the future. I will no doubt write about those too.

I almost forgot to mention, I also always bring my 12mm and 8mm fisheye to events. I don’t use them too much, just to get some wide establishing style shots. One example below:

SHOT with my 8mm fisheye that I always use at events to get a few unique shots showing the whole room.

I hope you enjoyed this little article. I haven’t written one for a while, I hope to get back into it as I also get back into shooting professionally more and more.


Praise be, you got to the end of this article.