Beginners mistake… I shot jpeg at the beginning.

Taken on one of my first paid event shoots back on Jan 6th 2009

Taken on one of my first paid event shoots back on Jan 6th 2009, yes… it was shot in jpeg…


Hey web traveller.  Let me tell you of a dark time in my past… the dark ages, when I used to shoot… gasp… JPEG!


Forgive me for I have sinned…


This tale begins many years ago, back when I was dumb and not as awesome as I am now…   You see, I once studied studied film and television at Curtin University in Perth Western Australia waaay back in 2004 (to my kids, that was a long time ago).  Before that I also got a bachelor of arts.  I have been a photographer since about 2005 I think, it’s not like there was an exact date I started, I just moved into it after playing about with a few friend’s DSLR cameras.  Back then I’ll admit, I didn’t know that much, but it grew on me and I had an insatiable appetite for knowing more.


My first proper camera was a Canon 40D and the first lens I got was a Canon 17-55 2.8 lens.  That lens is/was known as a “hiddle L” lens, because it’s not an L lens, but it has L level sharpness etc.  Of course, with the improvements made to Canon’s lineup, it’s not really up to the standards of the newer L lenses. For example the 24-70 2.8L II, 70-200 2.8L IS II and 100-400 II.  BUT it’s alright for a first lens.


Back then I didn’t even know about shooting in RAW… I shot everything in jpeg and I thought I was so artistic and awesome… ha.  Well looking back I’m shocked at what I thought was a good photo.  For example, this photo here was from one of my first paid jobs:

Hudson Taylor III – Since has passed away and gone to be with the Lord.


This happens to be a photo of the late Hudson Taylor III who was (is?) the great grandson of Hudson Taylor, the famous missionary to China.


However, I managed to mess up an otherwise nice shot by underexposing and messing up the white balance.  To make matters worse, I shot in JPEG!  Meaning correcting these things wasn’t going to be perfect.


Luckily I could pull something out of it and ended up with this:

Hudson Taylor Corrected

Sheesh… not terrible, but the skin has that “I only had a jpeg and I couldn’t correct the colour much” look.

Well, since then I’ve learnt my lesson and I now only shoot in RAW.  Unless maybe I’m using my Fuji camera.  Fuji tend to have very good jpegs and sometimes I use the in camera RAW editor for fuji instead of Adobe’s questionable interpretation of Fuji colours, but that’s an issue for another blog post.


Thanks for reading web surfer. Party on Dudes.