How to enable “Shoot without lens” on the X-Pro 2

This is a quick blog post that I hope helps someone out there.

Today I tried to use my Voigtländer 35mm 1.2 M-mount lens on the X-Pro 2 and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to fire,  nor could I find “Shoot without lens” (a setting necessary for shooting using 3rd party lenses on an adapter) anywhere obvious in the menu system.


After much head scratching,  I finally found it (it’s in the manual on page 112) hidden in the set up menu.

Here’s how to do it in pictorial form:



Conspiracy Time
I actually think this is a ploy to sell more official (and waaay too expensive)  official Fuji Fuji/M-mount adapters).  They want people to give up and just buy the adapter that automatically turns shoot without lens on.  Sneaky Fuji-San.

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  • Mookie’sRight

    You really helped me with this post. I have been looking for weeks. I am a newbie. But, I wanted to use a Nikon 50mmm with my new Fujifilm x-Pro2. I am very grateful for this post. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome mate. I found it odd that fuji hid it so well. Glad I could help someone out. 🙂

    • You’re welcome mate. I found it odd that fuji hid it so well. Glad I could help someone out. ?

      • Ookii

        Bloody hell! I was trying endlessly to get my old Nikon 50mm 1.4 working on my xpro2 and even after scouring the internet I found nothing.
        Suddenly you appeared to save me from this hidden lens setting. Thank you!

  • Marta Isabel Perales

    Thank you!!!! I was ready to return my 12mm Samyang!

  • Christopher Kunøe

    Thank you for a helpfull post

  • thank you, it works the same way on the xt2 as well.

  • manuel pompeia

    Thank you – it was driving me nuts…

  • Mac Sinclair

    You’re a star, I finally got myself a Samyang 12mm F2 and then muttered loudly as I couldn’t find the setting. After much grumbling I gave up like a man and searched the web for some stealthy insights.

    Now I just need for the moon to go away and for the clouds to clear so I can get some Milky Way shots. BTW I am now on instagram (themacsinclair) so eventually you will be able to see if I do the lens justice.

    One more thought, does it matter if the camera is set for 50mm when shooting without lens? The widest option is only 21mm in any case.

    • Stealthy Ninja

      I’d guess the problem with setting it to something different is it would affect the frame lines in the OVF on the xpro2.

      XT2 I don’t think there’d be a problem.

      • Mac Sinclair

        Ah that makes sense, I just couldn’t figure out what that setting was for. Anyway, above the cloud and the rain there is a full moon at night at the moment so it will be a few weeks before I get to test my 12mm properly. I do remember you having the 8mm and loving it so it was troubling going for the 12, but probably right for what I’m aiming for. I hope things are going well in Oz.

  • Ed Krisiak

    It works on the xt2 !! Thanks:)

  • disqus_ZeMUxAQ7Kr

    Thank goodness. Buried in the menu–how would anyone ever find. Page 112 is now bookmarked and dog-eared. Thanks!

  • MartinHughHarvey

    I have a Samyang 8mm and have done this for years on my old X-E2 and now my recently purchased X-PRO2. Pity I can’t add setting this on or off via a user function – or at least haven’t found out how.