I am moving

Well, after almost 17 years (16.5) years in Hong Kong I am finally moving back to Australia.

As of September 25th 2016 I will be based in Queensland Australia.  Not too far from where I shot this:

I've been known to do a landscape or two.

I’ve been known to do a landscape or two. (Fraser Island – Queensland Australia)

Being a Tasmanian who suddenly had to live in Hong Kong (back in 2000) I know about adjusting to change, however this is change of a different type.  In Hong Kong I’m used to looking out my window and seeing scenes like this:

Kwun Tong Sunset

That’s the actual view from my apartment in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is a special, crowded, noisy place that’s quite a bit different to Australia.  Even the city parts.  It will take me a while to get used to all the buildings being short and seeing so much blue sky all the time.


Then again, I get to see a more natural side of things, which is nice.

landscape (3)


One question I do have for anyone living in Australia, what’s the best place to buy stuff?  Online? Any local stores good?

Let me know if you can.

By the way, I’ll still be returning to Hong Kong on occasion as the move will be in stages, with my wife and a couple of kids staying here (in Hong Kong) for the time being.

Thanks for reading, and wish me luck!