Lightroom and X-Pro2 RAW (why I’m no longer shooting RAW+Jpeg)

When I used an X-Pro 1.  The differences in colour between RAW and Jpeg in lightroom were obviously different.

Lately though, apparently Adobe has worked directly with Fuji and the profiles currently in lightroom are practically Fuji Made.

Indeed, since I got the X-Pro 2, the differences are so minor I have trouble telling which one is the RAW and which is the Jpeg (after shooting RAW+Jpeg).


My wife and youngest son. I can't tell which one is jpeg, can you?

My wife and youngest son. I can’t tell which one is jpeg, can you?  No editing other than import and Provia profile selected

I mean there’s subtle differences, but they’re so close I see no benefit in shooting RAW+Jpeg apart from being able to review the images in full size on the camera (you can zoom in more as you’re not reviewing the jpeg built into the RAW file).  Also you can’t transfer RAW files to your phone via the phone app (you have to convert it in camera to jpeg first).

If you’re a chronic pixel peeper you may want to shoot RAW+Jpeg so you can pixel peep without much worry (other than your hard drive filling up a bit faster).

For me though, I don’t really need this fine detail pixel peeping, therefore I’m stopping shooting RAW+Jpeg and I’m going to just shoot RAW from now on.  If I reaaalllly want a fuji jpeg I can convert in camera.

I will do proper tests later using different film simulations.  That’s for another post.

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Michal Kriesch of Michal Kriesch Studios (a Sydney Based Wedding Photographer) messaged me with his findings concerning DR100/200/400 setting using Lightroom with LR not displaying them correctly (they were dramatically underexposed after importing).

Check out his amazing work here: http://www.michalkriesch.com/

  • HI. So I did some tests…

    For DR100/200/400 the difference is quite minimal, actually RAW appears “brighter” as it is showing more detail in shadows, this becomes even less visible when you apply camera profile for “Standard”

    However if you are in AUTO DR then the image darkens (quite significantly IMO).

    He then went on to do some testing and came up with these settings

    OK so after some “testing” I have established this set up to make the RAW files looking 99.9% like the JPG from camera (but still with the benefit of post production of RAW if needed and slightly better details preservation then JPG)

    XP2 set up to DR200 NR-4 Sharpening +2

    Shoot RAW

    (this will display in camera 99.9% what you will see after LR Import)

    Best to know what “film simulation” you like (use) best

    Use that film simulation and save it to “User Presets” in LR Apply User Present on Import to LR

    This way you are getting the benefits of JPG (shows exactly how you took the photo = less editing) and RAW (heaps of data should you with to re-edit/change to ACROS or VELVIA etc/push/pull etc etc)

    I’m actually glad I came across your post as it made me spend some time to work out a way to have the best of both worlds…

    Final image below shows JPG & RAW compared after import (as per above) without any other “touch/time” needed from me.




200% crop

200% crop


So there’s another photographer who’s found that Xpro2 RAW files with Adobe Lightroom and the Fuji Jpegs are quite similar.  He said 99.99% the same and I agree.  No need to shoot Fuji Jpegs if you’re satisfied with the way LR processes the images.  The colours are a great match now.