Mark Pil Scam – Now targeting photographers

Today I do my bit for the photography internet community and present to you this warning:

Poor Nigerian Prince, no one ever believes his emails.

Recently I got an email from a Mark Pil (using a yahoo.com email account) that went like this:



How are you doing today? My name is Mark. I will like to book you  for my daughter birthday photographer service, which area do  you service too. Also what type of credit card do you accept? I will be expecting your email soon.


Best Regard



“Odd he doesn’t know where I am or give any real information. I don’t even take credit cards…  Also his English is pretty poor… this is strange.”  I thought.

So I googled Mark Pil and it turns out this is a Nigerian Scam.

Typical Nigerian Scammer, he can’t believe it’s not butter.  Is this Mark Pil? Maybe.

The Nigerian Scammers are targeting photographers.

First day on the internet.



So beware and be careful. If you get a request from someone and it seems strange, be sure to check out their name and email.

Keep safe dudes,