More megapixels for less! (Yeh I can’t afford the GFX)


With all the talk of the Fuji GFX (or whatever that camera I can’t afford is called), it’s easy to get jealous of the 50MP beast it is.


However us Normal people have a way of making our sensors bigger (kinda)… no it’s not some pill that you can buy online from spam emails… it’s stitching!



Anyway, I stitched together 16 photos taken with my Xpro2 and 23mm 1.4 (I left my 12mm at home OK… don’t hassle me bro) to make this:

154MP of black and white style artistic magic photo stuff maybe?

154MP of black and white style artistic magic photo stuff maybe?


In it’s full size it’s 19538×7862 pixels… which means it’s…

154 Megapixels

Not bad really.

So yes I know it’s not a real replacement for a MF camera and such, but if you just want resolution, stitching CAN be a viable solution (so long as you do it right… and you don’t want to do a long exposure or something…)  for certain shots, it’s fine.


Here’s some more stitched images I’ve done:


landscape (2)




YO!  Thanks for reading dudes… like totally

Regards, your best friend,




  • Nice post and nice results . do you use any specific pano head for the shooting?

    • Actually I just do it all hand held. The key is to set the settings in manual to expose for the highlights of the brightest part and manually focus. Then you can shoot a series of shots slowly moving across a little each time. I sometimes use bracketing too, just in case. I find using a panning head just makes it take longer and the results are the same. The shutter speed is pretty fast of course, but I wouldn’t stitch a long exposure anyway.

      Some people have told me they have trouble doing panos hand held, but I’ve never had an issue apart from times I’ve accidentally not held it steady enough (which isn’t often). You have to be careful you’re not moving when you actually take the shot. It’s tempting to click and pan at the same time, but you have to remember to stop… take the shot… move… stop… take the shot and so on.