My event/wedding setup.

I have been asked on occasion what setup I’d use for event shooting or a wedding.

I’m currently mainly an event shooter, though I do plan to shoot more weddings in the future.

Since I’m currently between systems slightly, I’m going to talk about what I PLAN to use in the future.

When I shoot events, I often look for smiling people to capture the fun of the event.

When I shoot events, I often look for smiling people to capture the fun of the event.


I always shoot with two bodies.

I plan to use the Fuji X-pro2 and X-T2* as my two body setup in the future, with the possibility of picking up another X-T2 (talking in the future).  I find two bodies to allow me to quickly change focal lengths without messing about changing lenses.  ALSO, it gives me a backup camera in case something goes wrong with one of them.   Always be prepared.

*Note: At the time of writing, the X-T2 hasn’t even been officially announced yet , but all the rumours point to it coming soon. (It’s since been announced)

X-Pro 2 is a lovely and stealthy camera.

X-Pro 2 is a lovely and stealthy camera.


Lenses: Zoom for flexibility, Primes for low light/shallow DOF

As for lenses, I’d use mainly the following: 16-55 2.8 and 50-140. Mostly the 50-140 would be used as I like to keep my distance from subjects to capture candid moments without disturbing them or the event.

The last thing you want to do is disturb the speaker.

The last thing you want to do is disturb the speaker.

The 16-55 2.8 is a workhorse lens that is very flexible.  It should be wide enough for group shots, any wider I’d get too much distortion on the sides. If I can’t fit everyone in, I rearrange them or get them to move in closer.


Weddings, always the sunset of… something.

For indoors/low light, I’d have a 23mm 1.4/56 1.2 combo. I love the old 35mm/85mm combo for FF. So this makes the most sense for me. Other than that I’d have an UWA (10-24 maybe, or 14, or Samyang 12mm, take your pick, some might even choose the 16mm as it can be a pseudo macro, personally I’ll go with the Samyang 12mm and upgrade to the rumoured Fuji 8-16 if that ever comes out) and FOR ME, I’d include my 90mm in the bag, sometimes you want a nice tight headshot and for that sort of thing, the 90mm can’t be beat. ALSO the 90mm focuses sorta close and can be used as a pseudo macro lens.

I once shot an ex-vice president. I didn't even get arrested.

I once shot an ex-vice president. I didn’t even get arrested.

I personally don’t use flash.  I can use it fine, but I find it can hinder capturing the moment and put the subjects on edge.  I’m not against using strobes/flashes when needed though.  Little tip for flash use, bounce it off a nearby wall instead of off a ceiling, the results will be better.



I shoot (plan to shoot) with the following:

X-Pro 2 and X-T2 (possibly two X-T2 in the future)

16-55 2.8 and 50-140 2.8 (one on each body)


23 1.4 and 56 1.2 (one on each body)

With Samyang 12mm for UWA (upgrading to future Fuji 8-16 if it ever comes out) and 90mm f/2 for specialty shots.

(Note: Since writing this I’ve been very tempted by the 10-24 f/4 OIS and the 16 1.4, still not sure what path to take)

Note, I haven’t mentioned a macro lens.   A lot of wedding/event photographers use them for shots of place settings/rings etc. I’ve found I’ve never really needed one, despite owning 2 or 3 throughout the years. Of course you might be the type that uses macro lenses all the time, everyone is slightly different.  To me the 90mm focuses close enough to be a pseudo macro anyway.

Thanks again for reading,