Pressuring Phase One (Trying to get compressed RAW support for Fuji Files)

Since I was kinda impressed by Capture One in previous blog posts (here and here).  I have decided to pressure Phase One to develop support for compressed Fuji files.  I found this information on their forum (here)



That was posted yesterday (my time).  So it’s recent information.


So, I decided to message them with my own query, here’s the correspondence (so far):12

At this point I was tempted to ask them to ask Brian Griffith the ONE guy who did Iridient (which has support for compressed RAW files already) for help, but anyway…


I will update this post as they respond and I know more.

In the meantime I encourage you to contact Phase One support to hassle them a bit about this.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil after all.

Contact them here:





Well, that’s that I suppose.

Basically either they don’t care or they really have no idea what’s going on or they just want to keep their business their business.

Anyway, nice of them to give an answer even if it says nothing really. HAHA