Quick Review: Ciesta Finger Strap

Ciesta is a Korean brand that makes some pretty nice leather straps and such.  I own one of their leather neck straps and I’ve been impressed enough with their quality.


So today I went to a local (Hong Kong) camera shop to ask a few questions (I’m buying my son a camera for Christmas and I was checking prices) so I decided to be nice to the guy and buy a strap for my Xpro 1.  I’ve been using the Xpro 1 with no strap for a while and sometimes that just does feel stable enough, however, I don’t want to put a normal strap on it as I find this gets in the way.  Sooo, I was planning on buying a wrist strap to go on it.  The dude in the shop showed me another wrist strap that was stylish etc.  but it was a bit too big.  So, I spotted these little leather loops, I asked.


“What’re those?”


“They’re for your thumb,” he replied “but they aren’t as strong as this one.”


(He was obviously trying to get me to buy the wrist strap that ended up costing almost x4 as much 😉 ).


So yeh I bought one of these little thumb strap things…  here’s what it looks like:


According to the box it is “Italy Cow Leather” which is nice to know. Also “Made in Korea”.

Ohhh nice… I got red and brown, but they had brown, dark brown, red, blue and I think perhaps black… I’m not a Ciesta Finger Strap expert, so don’t quote me on that.


Now, I’m actually a trained leatherworker.  I was trained at TAFE in Tasmania, Australia back in 1994 (I took a year course).  So I’m officially qualified to say the quality of the leather and construction is good.  There you have it, official trained leatherworker says it’s good, that’s enough for you…


Now onto how it looks attached to an Xpro 1:


Not bad, doesn’t get in the way and it’s pretty stylish. I’m happy enough.

Looks good, I like it so far… but how does it fit on the thumb and how’s the ergonomics?


Well, I’m no ergonomicist (is that a thing?) but at first I was like, “OH MAN, THIS SUCKS!” it just got in the way and felt weird… then I used my brain for half a second and moved it into this position:


Mmmm security without the weird feeling of leather pressing into your palm… tasty.

Turns out I was the one being a moron.  It feels quite tight, but such is the nature of leather it will stretch.  My hand isn’t exactly small though, but they solved that with the handy dandy size adjuster thingy (that’s an official leather workers’ term).


So yeh, it’s not too pricy and it does what it claims.


Overall rating…. 4 out of 5.  I’d give it 5 out of 5 but it made me feel stupid for 5 seconds.


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