Reader Interview – Michal Kriesch



Beautiful work from Michal.

Beautiful work from Michal.


I interviewed Michal Kriesch of Michal Kriesch Studios (a Sydney Based Wedding Photographer with OVER 500 WEDDINGS under his belt) about his Wedding Photography Setup:

Me: What’s your typical wedding setup?

Michal: Nikon: D4 & D810 & DF (one of them stays in a car as backup depending how I feel that day – random) 14-24 2.8 24,35,50,85 1.4 Flashes Pocketwizards LEDs cards extra batteries etc

Fuji XP2 & XE2S both having Metabones Speedbooster Ultra attached to give me FF FOV and extra stop of light. Lenses all Minolta Rokkor 17/4 21/2.8 28/2 58/1.2 135/2 50/3.5 macro Flashes Pocketwizards LEDs etc

Last couple of months I’ve been shooting Fuji only, before then combo of both systems

I still have D810 w 14-24 & 85 in a bag (just in case)

All my stuff sits in car. I use utility belt with lens pouches when I’m shooting and only take w me what I need for that particular situation.

Me: How you finding the manual focus with the speed of weddings?

Michal: With a little bit of practise… Same as AF really but more accurate IMO. I used to shoot manual focus in the 90s when I started taking photos so there wasn’t much adjusting needed. Fuji focus peaking is great and super accurate.

Also I have all lenses fine tuned for infinity and distance on the speedbooster. So I pre focus a lot and nail it 90% at the time. I can now focus track couple walking towards me with 135mm at f2.8.

Me: Do you find the speedbooster degrades the quality of the image at all?

Michal: Not at all

Me: Does it actually increase the exposure or just give a shallower DOF?

Michal: It does increase exposure for nearly 1 stop. Maybe like 0.8 stop. Didn’t measure that. I think it’s the best thing ever. Having it on crop sensor getting same FF FOV and DOF plus gaining a stop of like on lenses.

Me: Sounds awesome.  One last question, any advice  for wedding photographers in regards to setup or general advice, you’d like to share?

Michal: Stay close to the action – hence my suggestion is 2 bodies w below 24mm lens and a 50 so like 21-50 or 17-50 whatever. Don’t be afraid to use of camera flash!!!! Light is important and creates 3D look. Ppl who go “available” light exclusive end up with flat images especially at reception. I rarely use on camera flash. If so it’s plugged into my PW mini and I have Nikon speed lights in 2-3 corners of the room.

One of Michal's shots with off camera flash (One Flash behind one to the side)

One of Michal’s shots with off camera flash (One Flash behind one to the side)

Be sure to check out Michal’s work http://www.michalkriesch.com/

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