Super moon or some nonsense like that


Tonight I went out to have a bit of a look at the “Super moon”  I thought it would look normal, but indeed it looked a bit bigger than usual.  Though that’s hard to convey with a camera since the size of the moon depends on the lens and cropping etc.

No, not this kind of moon. (copyright Fox or something)

No, not this kind of moon. (copyright Fox or something)


One thing with shooting the moon though is you need a very fast shutter speed and low ISO.


For example:  



The main shot that is created out of is f.7.1 | 200ISO and 1/200 shutter speed (I could have shot more wide open too for more shutter speed goodness). It’s shot on a 100-400 lens and is semi-heavily cropped.


So remember, keep your ISO low and your shutter speed higher than you’d think.  The moon is quite bright.