What Fuji needs to do to get me to switch completely from Canon.

NOTE: I’ve already taken the leap of faith and switched to Fuji (I still have the 1DsIII with Sigma 35 1.4).  I’ll post something on this soon.

REVISION (I have gone through this article in light of the X-T2 announcement and marked where Fuji have come through).

I love Fuji cameras a lot!  They have a great retro charm,  great colours,  great lenses and most of all,  they’re fun to shoot with.


Having shot with an X-Pro One for years, and now shooting X-Pro 2. Also, with rumours of the XT-2 having some features I’m finding interesting (namely 4K video). I have been thinking of mostly dropping Canon in favour of Fuji.   However here’s what Fuji needs to give me so I can swap.

Right now I’m shooting the following Canon gear:

24-70 2.80 II
70-200 2.8L II
Sigma 35 1.4
Zeiss 85 1.4

Those lenses cover everything I want/need to shoot.

With Fuji I am shooting with:

X-Pro 2
16-55 2.8
23mm 1.4
35mm f/2
90mm f/2
Samyang 8mm fisheye

NOTE: I now have added the 35 f2, 56 1.2, 50-140 and 100-200 to my lenses.

This covers most of what I need with Fuji.  Though I am thinking of getting more lenses.  It does ok for now.

Now,  Canon provides me with some things that Fuji currently lack,  and there are some things I want that neither of my kits provide.  So finally,  here’s the list of…


I’ve striked through the points that either I no longer require or that Fuji has already given me.

1. A decent 4K video solution.

Fuji have come through in spades with the X-T2.  It is a very viable 4K solution

This is one thing I’m lacking.  Over at www.aidavproductions.com I provide video services.  I still don’t deliver final products in 4K as there’s no need at this moment.  However,  I am well aware  of the  editing potential of 4K.


I could buy a Panasonic GH4 or a Sony A7sII or a Black Magic camera… But that would mean messing about  with ANOTHER camera mount etc. I don’t want the hassle of dealing with black magic’s limitations. So I wait for Canon or Fuji to give me a decent 4K cam.


2. Auto focus and a frame rate that can handle sports.

The X-T2 has 11fps with boost mode (using the grip) turned on.  More than good enough.

Scratch that, as seen here, the Xpro2 has 8fps and can track really well.  It’s more than good enough for amateur/low level sports shooting. The XT-2 is rumoured to have 11fps, which would be even better.


3. Give me an alternative to FF.

After testing the Xpro2 against the 1Dx and 1DsIII I hardly see the point of FF anymore. So this point is a bit moot for me.

It’s hard to beat my full frame cameras when it comes to shallow DOF and speed.

For studio work,  FF is really nice.  Especially the 1DsIII. Fuji don’t seem to work too well in the studio.

So work that out  fuji.  Maybe the rumoured medium format camera will be what I’m looking for.

Right now if I were to switch I’d probably keep the 1DsIII,  35 1.4 and 85 1.4 for portrait/studio work.  If fuji had a viable solution,  I’d go for it for sure.


4. Better video implementation.

The Xpro2 has adequate video quality (finally!).  I’d be more than happy using it for shooting serious stuff,  however the way fuji is doing video is lacking in some practical areas.

Fuji really need to give us:
Peaking while recording video. It’s a bit stupid it turns off while recording. X-T2 has this

Live waveform or histogram would be nice. Edit: I’ve since found out that there’s a live histogram hidden within the menus. It turns off while recording video, but it’s better than nothing.

On the fly audio levels would also be great, and while I’m at it, why only 4 levels of audio adjustment? X-T2 has this

Zebra would also be nice. X-T2 has this

Some sort of Log video recording option. while not always needed. It’s great for times you want full control over grading. X-T2 has this, though currently it’s only through an external recorder (via HDMI)

Maybe the X-T2 will do better, or let’s fuji can firmware update these things in?

On the plus side. I’m only complaining because the video itself is actually pretty usable now.


7. A headphone jack

The Xpro2 does NOT have a headphone jack.  If Fuji are serious about the XT-2 being more of a video orientated camera, this is a MUST.

Using the XT2 grip you get this, as well as direct power for constant use.



6. A better grip for the XT series.

The X-T2 has delivered this in spades.  You don’t only get 2 batteries in the grip, you also get a boost mode, headphone jack AND continuous power (see below)

Well,  honestly this isn’t a deal breaker,  but basically put,  give us the option of using 2 batteries instead of one in the grip.

Also better ergonomics on the grip would always be nice.



7. Continuous power

With the grip on the X-T2 you get this function.  WELL DONE FUJI

This isn’t an absolute must,  but it would be nice to have a way to plug the camera into mains power. Even if it’s via a battery grip,  or through a usb connection (which also charges the batteries perhaps?).  Think about it Fuji.



8. Log (for video)

Done with the X-T2.  Sure, currently it’s only through HDMI out and with an external recorder, but at least it’s possible.  Also later Fuji might add it to internal recording.

If you want to be serious with video, this is what you need.

Well,  that’s my list so far.  Maybe I’ll think of things later.


Post X-T2 announcement conclusion:

Fuji you’ve done it.  Thanks Fuji.


Thanks for reading,