X-Pro 2 vs 1Dx vs 1Ds III portrait test

This is NOT a test of sharpness or how good looking I am (that goes without saying… so DON’T SAY ANYTHING…).  Yes these are self portraits.  Taken with a mix of strobes and LED lighting (and a little light from a nearby window).

All three together

All three together, bigger size HERE

This is purely a test of how the photos look colour wise.  I know I have my preference from looking at them blindly, but I’m just gonna put them up here for you to decide.

I’ve decided to try and make this a poll (see below the pictures).

Settings were as close to each other as I could get them.  All are shot at f/11 1/125 and 200iso RAW.  I adjusted the images slightly to try and match the histograms, I also used the eyedropper in Lightroom to get the White balance to match as well as possible.  I then used either “Camera Standard” or “Provia” settings in LR as they would be my standards for each camera.


1 (bigger size HERE, Full size: HERE)



2 (bigger size HERE, Full size: HERE)



3 (this one was accidentally shot slightly closer, that’s why it shows a little more distortion, disregard the distortion, bigger size HERE. Full size: HERE).


So the question remains, which one do you like best?  Please don’t look at the reveal until after you vote.

All three together

Again, all together, just for final reference


Here’s what each one is (don’t look until AFTER you vote), click/touch the blurred part to reveal:

1. = 1Dx, 2. = 1Ds III, 3. = X-Pro 2


So, can the X-Pro 2 beat the 1Dx and 1Ds III when it comes to portraits (as far as colour etc. are concerned)?  Are they just as good as each other? Who knows.  What do YOU think?

Thanks for reading,